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Since 1995..

Ekol Scaffolding; construction of scaffolding formwork systems since 1995 and has been one of the leading manufacturers in the industry with experience and expertise in equipment.

Engaged in the production of European standards, thanks to fully automated production machines and experienced workforce of our company are used. Between the constantly growing product range; facade scaffolding and formwork systems, steel and industrial wood concrete formwork, adjustable telescopic poles, precast formwork, climbing formwork, portable winch, either hand or molds, pigtail, skinny, mold and so on locks and accessories, flooring boards, and other special steel construction equipment and infrastructure is located.

Product quality and product variety is increasing continuously. Customer demands and expectations, in parallel with technological developments in order to meet the highest quality and most affordable self-renewing and developing understanding.

In commercial life, always high quality, fast according to the purpose of doing business, our strategy has been to be a partner of customers first. In domestic and international markets experienced engineers, technicians and other skilled workforce with a team of in a manner fast and accurate serves.

The Attention Of Our Valuable Customers;

Adopt the community's quality recently, the notion of scaffolding, which is the product of a joint study: manufacturing, sales, rentals, is one of the most important sources of cultural wealth.

Individuals experience when they start with their own labour, combined with the meticulous attention to the details of the accumulation of labor intensive floor patiently and meticulously blended passed from generation to generation, It is a long and arduous journey.

Just as the craftsmen who are interested in art, we all model the same quality as scaffolding in order to provide you with our experience and our commitment to detail we are always trying to produce the best for many years and we will continue to work.

We are happy to come with you today.


As Ekol Scaffolding and Formwork Systems;

  • To contribute to the national economy with products that are sensitive to nature and people rather than destroying for living
  • To ensure the safety of the employees in the main processes and intermediary processes, on the principle of human,
  • Our mission is to produce products with international quality standards without departing from the customer-oriented principle.

Our company;

  • Leaving a livable world for future generations,
  • In the next five years to establish factories in Europe, to contribute to our national economy,
  • It is our company's vision to protect nature by using environmentally friendly materials in our products in this period of global warming.

Our Management Team

If you have any questions about scaffolding and steel decks, our free consultation line ..

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